Who Said Vegetables Were Boring?

by admin on 2012/08/24

Certainly not us! We’ve been busy creating some vegetarian wonders here at The Kitchen.

Inspired by the summer in Europe (and in hoping we might get some sun here to) we’ve come up with a warm Greek Pie. Spinach, fetta and rice, all wrapped up in a crispy pastry bake, it goes perfectly with a Brown Rice Salad.

How about the Pumpkin and Fetta Quiche, warmed through and served with a Chickpea Salad? Or the Mini Egg Pies? With a sprinkling of spring onion and topped off with tomato, they make one tasty little snack.

And not forgetting the Vegetarian Pide. With roasted pumpkin, spinach and tomato in a toasted Turkish bread, this is one old classic that could never be boring to us.

by admin on 2012/08/24